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Mom Parts Method

Mom Parts is the first creative incorporation of Internal Family Systems into the complex psychology of motherhood. We start with the basic assumption that moms’ minds (like everyone else’s) are made up of multiple parts that hold different hopes, fears, beliefs and agendas. 


We want to help you understand the parts of you that make you feel off-kilter and misunderstood. You make sense.

We want to help you understand the anger, irritation, and resentment you feel. You make sense.

We want to help you understand the shame and the grief you feel. You make sense.

We want to help you uncover where that all originates and how to heal what hurts.


Mom Parts helps moms find some harmony between their devotion to their children and interest in their own


Discover Your Mom Parts

Part of me wants to be a stay-at-home mom and another part wants to go back to work and get some of my own life back. 


I was so excited to be pregnant and to become a mother, but now that the baby is here, part of me wishes I’d never had her.


Part of me wants my teenager to be little again. Another part can’t wait for him to grow up and get his act together. 


The Inescapable Vulnerabilities: Grief and Shame

No one talks about how inextricably intertwined motherhood is with shame and grief. The shadow side of motherhood, underneath and around the bend from the sunshine we are sold, always includes both shame and grief. By taking these experiences out of the shadows, Mom Parts helps remove stigma and judgment from the landscape of maternal suffering and invites us into heart-opening practices that include and tend to our pain.

Truth Invites Compassion

Mom Parts offers simple Truths to moms, designed to help them see and accept the reality of their situation with more compassion.


Get to know the components of your inner system:

  • Protectors

  • Truths

  • Inescapable Vulnerabilities

  • Remedies (Self-energy)

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