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Jessica Sorci

Pronouns are she/her.


I’m a therapist, I see clients, supervise Associates and continue to develop ideas at the junction of maternal mental health and Internal Family Systems.


My IFS story: as a Level 3, Internal Family Systems Approved Clinical Consultant, I support other clinicians on the path to IFS Certification. I've had the privilege of participating in advanced depth training in Intimacy From the Inside Out (working with couples using IFS) and enjoy supporting couples in learning how to have better conversations about the things that matter most.


My Story

I’m a mom, a step-mom, a wife and creative partner and most of all, a seeker of the truth. I’ve always been intensely driven to get to the root of things. Or rather - I’ve always had a part that drove me to understand and embrace my exiled pain and make sense of it and then find people to share it with. Throughout my life, my mom had significant mental health challenges and didn’t provide the kind of mothering I needed. For all my years, I have been obsessed with motherhood: reckoning with my own childhood wounds, trying to understand what happened to my mom that kept her from mothering well - and then figuring out how to grow myself up so that I could be the kind of mom I aspired to be. Internal Family Systems brought me the structure I needed so that my courage could come forth and support my discovery of all the truths. So much healing has happened in my heart and I'm thrilled to have arrived at a place in my life where I can share healing with so many other people. 

Thank you all for being here. It means so much to my young parts who needed to make sense and needed a witness.

*If you would like to book clinical consultation time with Jessica Sorci, IFSI Approved Clinical Consultant, for the purpose of IFS certification or pertaining to maternal mental health, please do so through the following link. This link is not intended for new or ongoing clients, only clinical consultation. Fee is $225 per hour. 



UCLA - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Antioch University - Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Training & Certifications

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

  • IFSI Approved Clinical Consultant

  • Perinatal Mental Health Certified (PMH-C)

  • Internal Family Systems Certified (Level 3)

  • Intimacy From the Inside Out, Post-Advanced Training

Career Accomplishments

  • "The Good Mom/Bad Mom Loop (2024)" and "Patriarchy, Inner Critics and Shame (2023)" SCV-CAMFT Residency 

  • “Mom Parts” Internal Family Systems Conference, 2023

  • “Mothercentric - Redefining PMADs as Patriarchy, Matrescence and the Disease of Shame”, Family Tree Wellness, 2022, 2023

  • Matrescence: The Most Dramatic Transformation of a Lifetime”, SCV-CAMFT, 2022

  • “Compassion Compass: New Tools for Better Relationships”, Family Tree Wellness, 2022

  • “Perinatal Perfectionism: Using Internal Family Systems to Heal Inner Critics”, Postpartum Support International Conference, 2021

  • “IFS Party: A Brief Introduction to Internal Family Systems”, Family Tree Wellness, 2021

  • “The 6 F’s of IFS”, Family Tree Wellness, 2021

  • “Getting Friendly With Parts”, Family Tree Wellness, 2020

  • “The Unique Vulnerability of Perinatal Women and the Power of Provider Influence”, Santa Cruz Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative, 2019

  • “The Psychobiology of New Motherhood”, Harmony Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Obstetrix Medical Group: “Caring for the Bereaved: How Providers Can Reduce the Perception of Trauma After Loss” 2018

  • “Perfectionism in Motherhood”, Supporting Mamas Adjusting to Motherhood Group, 2018

  • “The Psychobiology of New Motherhood”, Family Tree Wellness Speaker Series, 2017

  • “The Unique Vulnerability of Perinatal Women and the Power of Provider Influence”, Valley Medical Center, 2017

  • “Oral Character Style and Postpartum Suffering”, East Bay CAMFT, 2011

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